Below are two possible notations.  First is a notation that is piece oriented numbering the squares from each player’s point of view.  This shows only part of the notation, it’s extended logically up though BL… from white’s point of view.  From black’s point of view, everything is in lowercase starting with ‘bqlr1’.  At some point I will update this diagram for completeness.


Below shows an algebraic notation for the board in all possible positions.

The main levels are numbered 1, 2, and 3. The files are labeled a through d and the ranks 1 to 8, hence 1a1 for level 1 a1. The white queen’s level attack board is 1a1 and has two ranks of two files, hence 1a1a1 and 1a1b1. If an attack board is inverted it is followed by a single quote as in 1a1’a1.

3a8a2 3a8b2 3d8a2 3d8b2
3a8a1 3a8b1 3d8a1 3d8b1
2a6a2 2a6b2 3a8 3b8 3c8 3d8 2d6a2 2d6b2
2a6a1 2a6b2 3a7 3b7 3c7 3d7 2d6a1 2d6b1
3a5a2 3a5b2 3a62a6 3b62b6 3c62c6 3d62d6 3d5a2 3d5b2
3a5a1 3a5b1 3a52a5 3b52b5 3c53c5 3d52d5 3d5a1 3d5b1
1a4a2 1a4b2 2a41a4 2b41b4 2c41c4 2d41d4 1d4a2 1d4b2
1a4a1 1a4b2 2a31a3 2b31b3 2c31c3 2d31d3 1d4a1 1d4b1
2a3a2 2a3b2 1a2 1b2 1c2 1d2 2d3a2 2d3b2
2a3a1 2a3b1 1a1 1b1 1c1 1d1 2d3a1 2d3b1
1a1a2 1a1b2 1d1a2 1d1b2
1a1a1 1a1b1 1d1a1 1d1b1

Other Notations

Andrew Bartmess proposes a different notation. Please see his website at His notation is linked to his view of the attack boards as intermediate levels where as my notation quite clearly sees the attack boards as extensions of the corners.

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