Dropbox is a service that replicates files between different machines anywhere on the internet.  Have you ever wanted to have a shared folder between your laptop and your desktop?  This is it!  It works incredibly well.  And best of all, it’s free up to 2gig.  You can get an extra 256meg for each person you sign up with them though.  And if you want a substantial amount of space, you can pay them.

My only gripe about Dropbox is their pricing I think is a bit on the expensive side.  $9.99/month for 50gig and $19.99/month for 100gig.  Frankly, if I try to back up all my photos and music, I’m using nearly a terabyte and I’m not about to pay $200/month for that.  If I was a business and lots of people were consuming the bandwidth getting files in and out, I can maybe see that price, but for a home user who sticks stuff up there and leaves it there, this service is a little pricey for that.  Seeing the cost of disk space these days, I’d think they should be able to do a terebyte for $20/month.

I have long been looking for something open source that I could run on windows, linux, and even mac, that would do the same thing as Dropbox but using my own equipment.  There’s no technical reason something couldn’t exist, I just have yet to find anything like Dropbox.


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