Genie Backup

I’ve used several backup utilities and I keep coming back to Genie-Soft‘s products.  Specifically they have 2 products which I use:

Neither of these are free but they’re not expensive and their support is excellent.

They do different things.  Genie Timeline does a rolling backup every time you modify a file.  It sits there in the background looking for when a file changes and then saves a version in the backup.  It tries to be intelligent not to just infinitely use up space, and I have to say it works pretty darn well.

Genie Backup Manager is more of a classic backup program that can be set to run in batch mode and fire off a backup on periodic intervals.  It can do several types of backups such as incremental, differential, and full backups.  The thing that I don’t like about these types of backups is that they can take an enormous amount of space and can be difficult to piece back together if needed and it can be difficult to find a file when you need it.

I have also used Cobian Backup which is similar to Genie Backup Manager in functionality.

The one thing that both Cobian and Genie both lack is the ability to back up only when a drive is available, for example, when you bring your laptop home, it would be nice if it would automatically see your USB or network drive and run a backup then without having to mess with it or do anything.


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