Google Chrome

As of this writing, Google Chrome is by car the cleanest, fastest, most minimal browser out there, but being minimal doesn’t mean it’s not full featured.  And it supports zillions of extensions like Firefox.

+ Minimal appearance, does not waste screen real-estate
+ Fast
+ Forgiving (most of the time), does not crash (often) when one tab crashes
+ Extension support
+ It upgrades itself without you even noticing!

– Some pages, albeit very few, do not work in Chrome and I have to go back to IE or Firefox.
– I have had some crashes and sometimes have lost ALL my open tabs which is annoying


I use the following extensions:

  • AdBlock and AdBlockPlus.  Frankly, I’m not sure what the difference is between them, some of my computers have AdBlockPlus, others AdBlock and I can’t tell the difference.
  • Xmarks for propagating my bookmarks and passwords between browsers.  Though Chrome itself seems to propagate bookmarks.  I do not seem to have passwords on all computers correctly propagated for some reason.  When I visit a page on one computer that I know I entered the password in on the other, it’s not there.  I need to debug this at some point.
  • AutoPager Chrome.  This is an excellent little plugin that takes those sites with pages and makes it into a long virtual page.  For example, if the article you are reading is spread across 4 pages, AutoPager will pre-fetch the 4 pages and display them as one long page.

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