I keep trying different things to organize my photos.  Lately I have been using Picasa on my local machine.

+ Very easy to publish something on the web to the Picasa website
+ I like how it replaces the Windows Image&Fax viewer which I dislike
+ Picasa understands Canon Raw format!
+ Easily manage screen shots without having to paste them into something like Photoshop and save a jpeg

– I don’t particularly like the weird elevator scrollbars where you see the image thumbnails.  I find it hard and long to scroll through long lists of images to find things.

One thing I’ve not figured out how to do, albeit I’ve not searched very hard, is to integrate Picasa with WordPress such that Picasa uploads to my WordPress media.  I see there are some plugins in WordPress to get it to look for images in Picasa, but what I don’t see is a way to make Picasa push images to my blog which is not stored in google.  I guess it’s not in their interest to do that.

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